Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm Exhausted and My Wife is Kinda Pissed

So I took the day off of work on Friday, dropped my daughter off at the sitters and got my gear together. Drove from Richmond to Virginia Beach, and after finding bait and getting a bite to eat, I got to the base of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel around 12:30. Launched and trolled around the Small Boat Channel for a bit. Nothing. On the way out to the island, met Kevin and Lee. They were on the way in, since the wind was picking up. They said they slayed the togs. Kevin told me he caught a 22.5"er, 1/2 an inch from citation! Listening to him got me all excited, so I got to my spot with 5 dozen fiddlers and used every one of them. Lost count of the togs after 15 or so. The paddle back in really sucked for the first half. But as the sun was setting, the wind died down a bit. The sunset was gorgeous.

I tried for stripers again at the Small Boat Channel with a bunch of motorboats with little luck. I ran into several other yakers I knew, but left them to try for the trout at little creek. Here's my limit of togs.

I grabbed a bite to eat and launched just west of the bridge in the creek. I got to the jetties and the wind was BLOWING. I tried for about an hour out there, but it sucked. It was rough on the way in, too. I hung around under the bridge for a while and only got a few bumps. I stayed out there til about 2:30am with nothing to show. I packed up the car and decided to take a nap. Woke up around 6:30 and couldn't decide what to do. I REALLY wanted a trout. So, I Rudee inlet it was. Got a little breakfast on the way and upon arriving at owl creek, I see Ruthless was there. I launched and quickly caught up with Cory. He told me he was out there yesterday at dawn and he found an all out blitz. His first fish yesterday was a citation (on topwater) and just kept on slaying them. Of course, today was a totally different story. The wind was NASTY! I got to $ cove and lots of motor boats. But not a lot of action. Got back to the police docks and just as I was saying "this is my last cast" I get get a hard hit on a mirrolure. I pull back, it rips drag, then it's gone. I must have barely hooked it. I said that was my last cast, because I told my wife I would be back by 1:00. It was 11:30 with a 1.5 hour drive. But you know darn well, it's now impossible for me to leave. Another hour and a half goes by and I kept making excuses in my head. "I know they're here and as soon as I get one, I'm leaving".... "at least the launch is right there, so I don't have to paddle far to get going".. etc. The one thing that does turn me off of fishing is wind. Finally, after several big gusts, my hat went flying, so I decided that was it. No trout, no striper, not even a bluefish. 4 togs and a very irritated wife.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Done did it again!

Caught this little guy on the fly while trying to catch bream (bait).

Then, I got to the river...
and it was FISH ON!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Day Off of Work

I've been hoping to win a catfish challenge over on Kayak Bass Fishing.
So here's my latest entries...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Early Morning on the James

I wanted to head down to the beach and go for the specks, but business schedule was conflicting. So I decided to get some kitties.

First came a 26" Blue cat.
Then a 28" Flathead

Then a 35" Flathead

I had a 29" flathead too, but just as I was reaching back for the camera, it did the perfect flop and got out of the boat.

Good times none the less.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Togs and a Sheep

Got the ok from the wife after I made breakfast, did the dishes, changed baby's diaper x2, bought groceries, walked the dog and fed the baby. I was thinking about catfishing but changed my mind at the last minute and drove down to the beach. I'm glad I did. The togs were out in force. I must have caught over 15. I was hoping for a limit of sheep too, but only one.