Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feelin' good and giving thanks

The annual TKAA tournament was this weekend and I was lucky enough to have some family help out with my baby and bedrest ridden wife. I know it probably looks pretty bad leaving my poor wife at home to fish. But she knows I've been looking forward to this the whole year and insisted that her sister can help out and she'll be fine. So I guess I'd like to start by thanking my wife and her sister.

Secondly, I'd like to thanks all the people that organized the event. It was a first class tournament and I had a blast. The wind made for some challenging fishing, but it was still better than not fishing! I went out to Lynnhaven inlet since I fished the day before and scoped out some prime areas and saw some huge swirls that I knew had to be redfish. Anyway, I ended the big day with a 19.75" and 18.75" flounder. I had a 12" speckled trout too, but that didn't count for the tourney and the redfish spot I found the day before did not produce like I thought. Oh well. It was still a good day on the water.

I got back to the weigh in and helped to review the contending photos. It was fun to see everybody and put some faces to the names I know from the forums. For all of you that had kind words to say about my posts, pictures and videos, thank you very much. I really enjoy doing it and I hope it motivates you to go out and try it yourself.

I came in third in the flounder division, which was actually a surprise to me. I really didn't think my fish would hold up in such a big crowd.

After looking at it closer, it's actually 20" since I didn't put the nose on the line. I wouldn't have come in second anyway.

I won a Hobie stakeout pole along with several other raffle items including a Roger's western hat, Tilly Airflo hat, gift certificate to Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg, and various Aqua Pac accessories. Thanks to all the sponsors that really made the event happen.

On top of everything else, knowing that all the money from the raffles and entry fees go straight to two great causes, had us all feelin' good and giving thanks. Heroes on the Water and Project Healing Waters are really what this is all about. Chad Hoover of Kayak Bass Fishing had a great speech and one of the things that I was able to relate to is when he spoke about how amazing it is for these wounded vets when they feel that freedom and be able to control their movement on the water. I know how I feel when I take those first few paddle strokes of the day. There is definitely something therapeutic about it and I can only imagine how it feels for someone who may have been limited in their movement on land. I am proud to have contributed and plan to help out with HOW's new Central Virginia Chapter as time and family allow.

Once again thank you to everyone that made this happen!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late summer kitties

So my friend Thom asked to go catfishing after work and of course, I had to make it happen. It was his birthday after all. Only thing is, I was in such a rush to get on the water after work that I forgot to bring my camera.

I hate it when I forget my camera.

Luckily he brought his camera.

We paddled out to an absolutely gorgeous late afternoon river. Virtually no wind, clear water, perfect. I even saw two flatheads as we were getting to my spot. I really wished I had my camera then for some underwater footage.

Anyway, I hooked up first and as my drag starts ripping, I hear a "oh #!@$". He didn't have the memory card. Doh!

Oh well. Cell phone it is.

36" Blue cat

Not long after...

Thom's first flathead at 30"

Shortly after that, Thom hooks into another that really ripped drag and I got busy clearing lines. Getting excited like a little kid, I watched his line cut through the water, swing the yak around, and put a nerve racking bend in his little Ugly Stik. He had a helluva time landing the thing as I watched with a big ol' grin. I have to say, it's almost just as fun watching.

34" Flathead

We had a couple other little guys around 24".

It was good times for a few of hours after work. Happy birthday, Thom.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music to my ears

Here's a short clip. It's not the longest drag run, but is sure sounds good anyway. Hope you like it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding the time...

I used to go catfishing all the time. But most of this year, I've been addicted to the salt and even though the James River is minutes from my house and I found myself driving down to the tidewater area a lot. Well, lately, my 7 months pregnant wife, who was recently put on partial bedrest by her doctor, has needed me around more often so I've had to stick close to home. However, as usual, I had a pretty bad hankering for some drag pulling shenanigans. So I got to thinking. I needed someone to watch my 22 month old daughter for a few hours. And after a little brain storming, the light bulb lit up . I owed my wife's 14 year old nephew (Calvin) a fishing trip, so I called his mom to see if he wanted to go and if she could come over and help watch my baby. Bingo bango! She even owed my wife dinner, so everyone was getting what they wanted.

Kind of.

Poor Calvin couldn't get a hook up, but enjoyed watching me pull up a 30" flathead.

But that was it for the afternoon. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, gorgeous water and each other's company. I promised to take him again soon, since it would be his turn to catch one. The last time I took him, he caught one and I didn't.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time well spent

The family has been camping on Labor Day weekend for several years now and this weekend was no different. In years past we did Kiptopeke, but in recent years the vote went towards the mountains. Sherando Lake was the spot this time as it came highly recommended by several friends.
It did not let down.

My daughter had a blast and my wife was relaxed. My dog was excited, my mom made amazing food and my dad told stories about his childhood growing up in S. Korea... fishing, messing with snakes n frogs, and stealing melons...

We got to spend a little time on the water and I even wet a line.

I got up pre-dawn one morning with flyrod in hand to check out the second of the two lakes.
With the moon still up...

The sunrise was beautiful...

I caught a couple of these guys.
Which is a lot of fun on the flyrod.

The weather was perfect, the place was beautiful, not much fishing,
but the time spent with family was time well spent.