Although I have been releasing a lot of my fish, I do enjoy occasionally keeping a few every now and then not only for my dinner plate, but also to appreciate their form as artwork.  My mom taught me the art of fish rubbings, Gyotaku, a few years ago and I fell in love with the effect that was created.   I'm not considering myself a professional by any means (there are people out there that make a living off this type of art), but I really do enjoy making them and I thought I'd share with my fellow fishermen.  I've donated many to local charity tournaments and hope to keep doing so.  I've also made some prints for friends who wanted one done of their memorable catch.  Please contact me for inquiries.

Click for enlarged view.  Hope you like them.

Speckled Trout 25"x10"

Tautog 24"x12"

Sunfish 8"x5"

Striped Bass 27"x14"

Sheepshead 28"x20"


More to come...