Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally got my Kow!

I got up at 2am, drove down from Richmond and was on the water by 5am. I was aiming for the morning tide change and finally after 6 trips of at least 8hrs each (usually 12), I got my kow. 45" 36lbs. I got him on braid early and decided to get him in the car. As I was getting back out, I get a call from Charlie Church, and told him Kevin got two, another guy got two, and I got one. According to his report, he did pretty darn good (50+lber!). I went out to the drift and got pretty close to the bouy. There were lots of boats out there. I had three take downs total. One of which I hooked up to. I had 8lb test line (looking for a line class record). After a couple of minutes the hook came out. I left out the expletives from the video. On the way back in I ran into a school of porpoises. Got back to Richmond by 5pm in time to make it to my company xmas party. Tired, but an amazing day.