Sunday, February 15, 2015

YakAttack Boomstick Review

Arguably, there is no better way to share a fishing story than through video.  The hits, the sleigh rides,  the facial expressions, everything you love about the sport can be shared through amazing resolution nowadays.  In my constant pursuit of fun footage, I've had the opportunity to use the Boomstick by YakAttack and as usual with their products, I was not disappointed.  In fact, I was actually kind of giddy with all the different angles the Broomstick helped achieve with ease.

It's GoPro ready.  It's 43".  It floats.  And it's super easy to change the angle and pivot.  A quick release button allows the user to remove the pole from the base with one hand and the multiple articulation points allows for virtually any vantage point whether it's mounted or in your hands. 

Floats with Hero3+ with GoPro extended battery without the Floaty Back Door.

I used a RAM Post and Spline base on a Gear Trac for the attachment point to the kayak (Predator 13 in this case).  The Boomstick also fits well in flush mount rod holders.

Quick Release Button
"Plunger" release pin and pivot point

Another pivot point

When your buddy is hooked up next to you, or something cool is happening in the water below, getting that camera out of the base quickly is crucial.  

The 43" length enables a good height to capture a wide view. 

If you love getting those cool angles to share your days on the water, you're gonna want the Boomstick.  It's definitely my go-to.  Paired with the Panfish Portrait toward the bow of the boat, I feel like I have all the bases covered.  

Cool angle with the Boomstick 
On top of all that, the customer service is second to none at YakAttack.  They stick to their values, make quality products and are committed to making sure it's all MADE IN THE USA.