Sunday, May 27, 2018

Them Big Reds...

Got 9 big red drum this spring on the Eastern Shore.  
One more piece of news but I'm saving that until it's confirmed.  Update coming when I hear back.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Feisty Blues

The feistiest bluefish I’ve ever caught. Right after hookset it cleared the water by at least a couple of feet. After splashing down it immediately tail walked twice then suddenly changed direction and came straight at me. As I’m scrambling to gather line this near three foot saltwater forked tail piranha shoots out of the water half an arms length next to me and bounces off my shoulder. Pucker factor at 11 and expletives pouring out my mouth, it nearly yanks the rod out of my hands after it lands. It immediately tail walks, goes on an impressive run then tail walks again. It slowly loses steam after that and a minute or two later I grabbed the leader. It tries to jump in the kayak at that point as I reach for my boga grip. I kicked it back in the water since I wasn’t ready yet and perhaps it wasn’t quite ready yet to be in the kayak with me. But it tuckered out after that and with boga firmly securing the choppers I pulled it up. Just shy of citation but easily a fight I won’t ever forget.
 A couple of weeks later, Robert Field came to town and wanted in on the action.  Jay Brooks, Meghan Lorraine, Willy Rags and I got together to put Mr. Field on some blues.  But first...
... festivities.

I showed up late the next morning, but quickly got on fish.  I actually lucked out with the biggest of the day which went right at 36".  Citation when I'm not even trying for one.
Photo credit: Robert Field

The episode on Robert's youtube channel should be out soon.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

First Grass Carp on Fly

After getting frustrated with these last year, I finally got a grass carp to eat. Actually, I had three take the fly but only landed this one. One of the ones I lost was a 40+” that made the skinny water explode then broke me off in the pads.
I got plans for these guys in the future.