About Me

I suppose this page will evolve as time goes on, but for now, here we go.

I grew up in NYC until early highschool, then my family moved to Virginia Beach. My dad used to take me fishing in NY (Long Island) and that's where my obsession began. I remember our early morning drives to waters holding summer flounder (fluke), winter flounder, porgies, tautog (blackfish), blues and stripers.  It was mostly saltwater then, and it continued when we got to VA. All through high school, I was a surf rat looking for anything that would bite a hook.  When I went off to college (VCU, Richmond) I fished the James River for Smallmouth, Flatheads, and Blue cats.  In late 2007, I bought my dad a kayak for Christmas, but had it sitting in my backyard for a bit before I gave it to him. I sat it in just for kicks and it was then that I realized the potential of this little plastic vessel.

In January 2008 I bought my own and my addiction went to another level. I've been a junkie ever since and I'm always scheming of ways to get out on the water.  My family and work obviously come first, but any free time I get, I'm always looking for that "tug that is the drug".  I just can't seem to get enough and my passion for the sport has grown far greater than I ever thought it would be.

In 2013 I achieved VA Saltwater Expert Angler status with the Virginia Marine Resources Commision after catching 6 different trophy species all from the kayak.  In previous years I've won or placed high in several local and national tournaments (TKAA Annual Charity tournament, Pirates of Lynnhaven monthly and Angler of the Year Tournament, Kayak Bass Fishing Catfish Challenge, Kayak Wars and a few others), I've given seminars to some local kayak fishing clubs, and I've been asked to join the ranks of some well known kayak anglers as an ambassador to this great sport.   As an Ocean Kayak prostaff member, a Werner Paddles and Maui Jim Sunglasses Team member, a Kokatat ambassador, a Hook1 Crew member and blog contributor, and a member of YakAttack Prostaff program, I look forward to helping the kayak angling community anyway I can.

I hope to inspire as I was inspired by those who showed me the way.  I hope to share the things I learn on the water as well as good info on news concerning this awesome sport.   I promise to promote good conservation for our fisheries and recommend only top quality products/businesses of this fast growing industry.

I love helping out the fellow angler, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

-Rob Choi