Sunday, July 8, 2018

Airborne Snakehead

Immediately after hookset, this snakehead flies out of the water right at me.  Glad I had the camera rolling for this one.


Been helping good friends get on fish the last three trips. Took KayakKevin aka DrumJesus aka WhitewaterWhitley aka Kevin Whitley to one of my favorite tidal creeks. Lent him some tackle and he quickly put them to good use. Got his first snakehead, a bunch of bass, and a 30” VA citation bowfin.

Another good friend Michael Beck got him a nice snakehead that he had been after for two years. His first encounter left him with an inverted hollow body frog, water everywhere and a broken rod tip. His stoke was infection.

Lastly, an old buddy Brian Welteroth reminded me it had been 9 years since I took him out on the river so we picked up a few bream and brews and set up above the old catfish hole. Little blue cats gobbled up most of the baits but the last one ended up being a nice 39.5” flathead.