Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late summer kitties

So my friend Thom asked to go catfishing after work and of course, I had to make it happen. It was his birthday after all. Only thing is, I was in such a rush to get on the water after work that I forgot to bring my camera.

I hate it when I forget my camera.

Luckily he brought his camera.

We paddled out to an absolutely gorgeous late afternoon river. Virtually no wind, clear water, perfect. I even saw two flatheads as we were getting to my spot. I really wished I had my camera then for some underwater footage.

Anyway, I hooked up first and as my drag starts ripping, I hear a "oh #!@$". He didn't have the memory card. Doh!

Oh well. Cell phone it is.

36" Blue cat

Not long after...

Thom's first flathead at 30"

Shortly after that, Thom hooks into another that really ripped drag and I got busy clearing lines. Getting excited like a little kid, I watched his line cut through the water, swing the yak around, and put a nerve racking bend in his little Ugly Stik. He had a helluva time landing the thing as I watched with a big ol' grin. I have to say, it's almost just as fun watching.

34" Flathead

We had a couple other little guys around 24".

It was good times for a few of hours after work. Happy birthday, Thom.


  1. I'm constantly forgetting my camera. I took a week long trip to Vegas and have no pictures to show for it. Maybe it's karma's way of telling me that I won't want to remember this...

  2. Yeah, photographic evidence can definitely get you in trouble sometimes. Haha!


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