Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Mojo

So after washing off all the bad joojoo from Friday and Saturday, I spent a little quality time with the kids.  Trip to the playground, story time, and the ever so entertaining (and educational) Dora the Explorer were high on the agenda.  Halfway through family time, I get a message from Billy.  He's coming up to my neck of the woods to try his hand at shad fishing with Seth Goodwich.  My wife, being the greatest woman ever, gave me the OK when she got back from yoga class.

This trip was different from my last two.  I didn't really have any goals.  I just wanted to get out there and enjoy the good company.  It was a nice day to be out, paddling with some friends.  Especially since I'm always down where Billy's from, and this time he's paying Richmond a visit.

When I met up with them, they had already been out on the water for some time.  They caught a few here and there so I lead them up river to a good spot and as soon as we get there, it was fish on.  I lost count of how many I caught, all on fly.  Seth was tearing them up on a gold spoon.  He had one nearly jump over his head.  It was amazing.  Billy initially had some trouble, but as soon as he got anchored right, he had fish on as well.  He was grinnin' ear to ear using his ultra-ultralight.  I didn't even know they made spinning reels so small (Sedona 500).  After a while, knowing he has an affection for the flyrod, I let him borrow mine.  And it didn't take long before he had the long rod bowed up.  It was really a great time had by all.

Just as the sun was starting hit the tree line, we made our way down river for a little bottom chunkin' with the hickory shad we just caught.  Once again, with little thought to any goals, I just set up over a good hole.  I was enjoying the sunset, shootin' the breeze with the fellas when my clicker goes off.  I engage the reel, line comes tight... fish on.  I get a good chuckle out of Seth when I yell out "This thing's got some ass on it!!!".  It pulled drag and I was smilin'.

39" Flathead Catfish.  Photo credit William Ragulsky
A little while later, I had another knock down, but came off soon after. A little after the sunset, my clicker goes off again.  I engage the reel, let the circle hook do it's thing, and I feel some big head shakes.  The addicting adrenaline starts pumping and soon after the massive tail is splashing at the surface.  It took a little while, but I finally grabbed him by the rough sandpaper mouth, and yanked him over the gunwale.

41" Citation Flathead Catfish

My new personal best Flathead

There's something to be said about setting a goal, making it happen and accomplishing it.  But sometimes, you just have to let it go and have fun.
"You can spend what seems like an eternity searching for the fish of a lifetime....but it seems that when you least expect it, and quite often when you are truly enjoying your time on the water, that fish will find you." - Cory Routh founder of TKAA and true pioneer of kayak fishing
Gotta keep that good mojo!


  1. Pretty good catfish, I bet that was a hoot.

  2. Those fish were amazing. As always, it is great fishing with you. Soon my friend!

  3. Hey...Nice Flat-cat there!
    Congrats on the personal best!

  4. Thanks guys. Billy, see you on the water soon...

  5. It's that time of year. Time for me to mosey on down to Richmond and get you to take me fishing!!! muahahahaha

  6. Great post and great fish. Catfishing is definately on my list for this year.

  7. I know some guys that flyfish for giant flatheads in late summer with pretty good success. We should try it sometime.

  8. Dauuum! That's a big kitty. Glad to see you got the joojoo off. How long do the shad run up there?

  9. Maybe the first weekend of May, but usually last weekend of April.


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