Monday, June 27, 2011

A little something different

I went sheepshead fishing on Sunday for a little while and caught a surprise.  I had one follow my fiddler up last year, but I didn't expect to see another, nor catch one.  But it makes sense.  I dug up some mole crabs since I couldn't get a hold of any fiddlers and I heard that people down south use them to catch pompano in the surf.  Long story short, I didn't catch my target specie, but I always love catching something I never caught before.

13.5" Pompano


  1. Thats awesome Rob! Like you said, we use mole crabs to fish for them in the surf down south, but I wouldn't expect to see them up here. Cover with a generous helping of Parmesan and broil in butter. Fantastic! Kam caught one that went almost 4 lbs a couple years back in N.C. Nice Catch!


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