Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bamboozled: A Trout Tale

Check it out.  True story.  

So there I was, hangin' out with some buddies of mine out on this flat.  As usual, the youngins were out makin' a ruckus... punk lil' spikes... And those little blue tailed rascals with the big spots... they were out doing their thing too... 

Man... it was one of those nights that just felt good.  
None of them noisy motors putterin' around, all up in our business... it was nice!

The water temp was feelin' awesome and we were finding little things here and there to wet our appetite.  But we knew where to find the main course...

We could feel it in our bones.  With a big storm on the way and everything... yeah...
The current was startin' to get good... stuff was pourin' out this creek... 
man, I tell you what... 
it was about to get buck wild up in there!

So my buddies were really starting to get into 'em and having a good time when I heard a nice little splash behind me.  I had to go check it out...
When I saw it, I instantly knew... I gotta have that.  
The way it moved turned me on... for real
I made my move and went for it...

Strike! But some how, I missed.  I lost it for a bit in the darkness, but then I heard it again.  I was hellbent on getting this thing so I got all sneaky-like and snuck up on it... ninjas ain't got nothin' on me.  It picked up the pace, but I got the jump on it.  Could have sworn I got it, but dude... I missed again! 

I couldn't believe it.  By now I'm pissed... feelin' like a fool in front of my buddies.  One of them started making his way over like he was gonna take a crack at it... as if!  I turned around and quickly found it right on the surface... still movin' all sexy n' sheezz, drivin' me nuts!  The moment it stopped, I went for it.  I was all like Samuel L... striking down with great vengeance and furious anger... I didn't hold nothing back...

And I got it that time...

But, dude...

I was fooled...

Bamboozled, I tell ya!

I tried everything to get away, but next thing I knew I was on one of those little boats with no motor... there was an Asian guy... bright flashing lights... man, I coulda sworn I was a goner.

But then, he let me go.

True story... 

Apparently it happened to a bunch of my buddies too.  (Link)

Sucker for the Topwater
Closed mouth.  Right on the money.  24" Release citation Speckled Trout


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dave. It was fun switching it up!

  2. Well done, Rob... now i know how you catch so many big fish... you THINK like 'em ;)...

  3. It keeps getting better. Rob Choi you are the man.

    1. Thanks, Kenneth. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Brent. Thought you might like that ;)

  5. Very nice! Just curious, do you ever catch any small fish? lol

    1. Thanks! We did get into several in the 16"-20" range. :)

  6. I love this story and the angle! Good job!