Sunday, January 13, 2013

Foggy with a Chance of Tog

Going three for three on citations per trip is highly unlikely, but it was all I could think about while paddling through the thick fog.

Compass, emergency whistle, communication device, and a keen sense of bridge location at all times were critical.  I've been in fog like this before, but never where it lasted all day.  It was somewhat surreal being at the 1st island and not being able to see anything.  I could hear the deep fog horns of massive ships resonating as they got closer to the tunnel, but never even saw an outline or silhouette.  

Unfortunately, my rock dwelling buddies were not fond of the sea level cloud and I was only able to convince two little 14"ers to come out and play.  

After getting off the water right around dark, I couldn't resist the chance at the big stripers again.  I met Miles Wong and Justin Mayer and proceeded to soaking eels.  I had one about 40" and Justin had a 33"er.  Sorry, no pictures of the stripers...


  1. DUDE! I love that little GIF. Kinda like what happened to me the other night with the 43".

  2. Virginia had the fog too? Looks like the fog was all over the east coast today. I went out today (in Connecticut) and it was the same exact situation. Fog got worse on the way back in and heard those same horns when coming back into the river I left out out of...stayed out of the channel to be safe but never saw them at all but noticed the wake...don't think I've ever been more nervous on the water.

    Nice GIF haha. Hopefully you'll catch bigger Tog next time.

  3. Fog was terrible in Long Island on Saturday. Went to the sound, and on the way back the river almost disappeared.


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