Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking Chances to Taking Pics

Once again, it didn't turn out the way I thought.  The water was warmer, but the fish didn't come out to play.  As it turns out, local master Forrest didn't have much luck the day before either.  I managed to squeak out a 22.5" pickerel, but that was it.

On a spinnerbait

The action was miserably slow, 
so I decided to play with the zoom lens instead.  

Cormorant (with blue eyes)

Noisy local hangout

See the blood?


  1. Aren't you afraid your stuff's going to get wet? Do you cover it with plastic wrap?

    1. Paranoid... but still want the shots. I found a waterproof food storage container that held the camera perfectly and also fit just right in the rod pod. I keep small microfiber towels in the box and a large bath towel over it so I can dry my hands before handling the camera. I only take it out when a good shot right condition presents and itself. Otherwise I keep to the GoPros or waterproof olympus.

  2. I have a water proof Olympus and honestly it sucks unless you are perefectly still and the light is right. It takes better underwater pics than out of water pictures. I have a Canon Rebel XTI that I love. I have actually gotten it wet once trying to release a fish and thought it was going do die. I was really scared. Luckily after a few days of it in a bag with those packets you get with your shoes and clothes it working right again. It's done some flakey things here and here since but I think over all it is ok. I've been toying with getting a GoPro for quite awhile now. I just can't justify spending that kinnd of money at the moment. I wish the company would see my blog and give me one.

  3. Oh well, at least you got something, and some nice pics to boot. I was beside you, messing with my new switch rod in a Coosa, when you pulled in the pickerel.
    I only managed to move a tiny bowfin and ended up with the skunk.

    I like the blog--didn't want to bug you on the water, though.

    1. It was cool to see someone messing with the spey rod in a kayak.
      Thanks for checking out the blog!


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