Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stress Free Kitty Trip

I took a breather from my quest for VA Saltwater Expert Angler and hit the James River for some laid back catfish action.  Right after a storm blew by, I soaked live bluegills that my kids caught earlier at a local pond.  Taking deep breathes, I enjoyed the flat calm evening while several catfish found my fishfinder rig and connected with the 8/0 circle hook.

Biggest Blue Catfish went 35"

Biggest Flathead Catfish went 36"

The remaining 2 saltwater citations weigh heavy on my mind, but it was nice to stay close to home and enjoy the simply pleasure of the pullage. 

I was almost as care free as this guy...   :)


  1. Too funny Rob - nice double-header on the whisker kitties. I guess I need to give them a try being so close to home.

    1. Yeah, they're a blast... and really easy. Even Thom can catch them ;)

  2. Rob, I am a shore angler and a beginning catfish angler. I would love to connect with a blue or flathead. I have caught channel cats up to around 10 lbs. while fishing for carp. I live in Va. Beach--how far up the James do I have to go to connect with those big cats?



    1. Big blue cats can be caught in most of the tidal areas. Chickahominy, Deep Bottom, and Downtown Richmond are good places to start. Flatheads (as well as Blue) are readily available downtown and around Pony Pasture.


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