Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hues and Saturation

I was on the water from sun up to sun down, hoping every moment in between that my quest for VA Saltwater Expert Angler status would come to an end with one last specie citation.  King Neptune graced me with a myriad of other species, but my trophy tautog still remains at large.

Photo Credit:  Jetski Brian

Keeping my frustrations at bay, I got to enjoy the many colors and shapes the CBBT had to offer.

Bergall aka Cunner from the wrasse family (same family as tautog)

I had several 12" Black Sea Bass and one right at 12.5" (keeper size).

Three puppy drum paid me a visit after falling for my tog intended fiddler crabs.

Pigfish aka grunt

I tallied about 15 togs, most of them in the 15"-16" range with two going 17".   Chunks of blue crab and live fiddler crabs were the baits of the day.
Jetski Brian on his tricked out ride 
also did very good on vacuum packed frozen fiddlers.

At the end of the day, 
as the sun smeared breathtaking hues across the mirror calm bay, 
it was hard not to give thanks just for the opportunity to be there.

I soaked it all in...

...hoping my next adventure isn't too far off.

By the way, I saw decent numbers of light line stripers on the way in near the small boat channel.  I caught two in the lower-mid 20"range using a 1/4oz jighead and 3" white Gulp swimming mullet before calling it a (long) day.


  1. Those are some great pictures Rob! Keep it up, 6 is right around the corner.


  2. Awesome pics. I'm rooting for you man!

  3. Nice haul Rob , that grunt would have made a nice mess of grunts and grits. Looking forward to getting back out there sun for another go at it.

  4. Finding the beauty in everything and keeping positive is what life is all about. You will intercept the target! I applaud your hard work! Be safe as always...

    1. Thank you, my friend. And you're right, that is what it's all about.

  5. Nice Post Rob! Pulling for ya!! That tail shot of the red is amazing, I would totally put that in a frame on my wall!!!

    1. Thanks, Matt. I actually thought about blowing a few pics up to poster size. Might just do that :)

  6. Been really enjoying your blog Rob. Really amazing photos. There is much beauty for us to enjoy as we chase our quarry out on the water. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you very much, Jeffrey. And you're right; it's an amazing world. Glad I can show some of what I see out there.


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