Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ad and Commercial for Virginia Tourism

The Virginia Department of Tourism contacted me in early fall of 2013 for a photo/video shoot.  At first I declined because they wanted to shoot on a Monday and I had work to do, but they persisted and I eventually agreed.  After I got to see the final products, I'm super glad they convinced me to do it.

Dec/Jan Edition of Garden & Gun Magazine


  1. Congrats, great spread! I'm assuming they let you keep the hat? Haha.

    1. HA! Yeah, I got some sweat on it ;)

    2. Is that an Engel behind your seat? Love your rig and the blog, keep it up! I fish the DE bay, may need to drive down one night for some striper fishing at the CBBT.

  2. Looks great. Nothing wrong with a free hat.

  3. Great stuff Rob! Way to represent buddy!!


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