Wednesday, April 30, 2014

That Certain Something

I just couldn't stay away.  It was going to be a fuster cluck and everyone in Rudee knew it.  With success stories inundating all the social media avenues and forums, the inlet was going to be googan central.  Yet still, I couldn't resist the promise of that certain something I've been craving.

Rods whipping to the left of me
Delightful spinning reel squeals to the right
Infectious grins all around 
Long bombing the quarter ounce 
procure smeared gudgeon imposter
on my seven two medium
fast action

With a slow bounce


 The predator's pounce sends an electric pulse
firing off the ten pound test braided neuron
When it reaches the high modulus extension of my nervous system


Short turn of the reel couples with an urgent swing
 Moment of truth 

Heavy weight
Back arched and tip bouncing
Head shakes

Map the brains of us all at that moment
Googan or not
It's a beautiful thing.

Add stubborn fights with peeling line
and that is why we love it.

Photo Credit:  William Ragulsky
Jeff Lockhart
Photo Credit:  William Ragulsky


  1. Great looking healthy Reds Rob!! I hope to come down in the next couple weeks to try to get my first big one!

    1. I'm hoping to get a shot on the big ones soon too!


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