Friday, May 30, 2014

Follow Your Nose

Kevin and I car pooled over the CBBT and found Jeff Lockhart getting ready to launch at our favorite spring locale.  We scoured the flats that morning knowing that Richie Bekolay and Joe Underwood had luck there the day before.  Click their names for the reports. 

It wasn't too long before I got a whiff of something that shouldn't bring a smile to my face, but it did.  It's not exactly a pleasant odor and it's not easy to describe.  Imagine a big school of 30-50lb reds chowing down then collectively taking a huge dump.  It's a strange dead fishy kind of smell, sometimes rotten crab depending on their diet.  If it's not their poop, it might just be their slime.  I'm not exactly sure but either way it's a most delightful aroma when you're on the hunt. 

The smell got stronger the closer I paddled to a certain slick I spotted.  My side imaging unit had a few blips to my right and in my excitement, my first cast backlashed and fell short.  I quickly undid the birds nest and casted in front of me, where I thought more fish would be.  My 5" Berkley swimbait hit the dirty water and within three cranks it was inhaled.  As it pulled me into forward, I then realized how big the school was.  Big reds were all around me and my Humminbird screen was completely filled.  The fight brought a giddy smile to my face as the powerful beast spun me around and took me on a ride.  

The 47" release citation Red Drum got camera shy and took off before Kevin or Jeff could get a decent photo. 

Not too long after that, our noses were graced by that certain smell again.  We saw the slick and as Kev got closer, he hooked up on the troll. 

45"er for Kev

Shortly after that, the dreaded four letter word picked up and blew us back to the launch. 

Fishing with Kevin is always a blast, 
but especially on a successful first trip out for the big reds.  
I'm sure we'll have more fun stories to share in the near future.


  1. Nice report..see y'all next Saturday the 7th at ARC Demo Day.

    1. I got a wedding to go to so I won't be able to make it to the demo day. Have fun though :)

  2. Awesome. Is that a prerigged swimbait or are you using a special rig?

  3. Thanks. It's a pre-rigged swimbait that comes in a pack of 4.


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