Monday, July 7, 2014

Thankful for Family and Friends

In case you didn't know, they call me Number 1
Greatest.  Kids.  Ever.
This kid's smile… love it.
Miles' first unassisted fish. Well virtually unassisted.  He set the hook and reeled it in on his own.

Vacation week was awesome.  I caught up with friends, family and got in a little fishing too.  
On the last day, I met up with William Ragulsky, Jeff Lockhart, and Kayak Kevin to try our luck at the CBBT.  Willy Rags found some triggers, quality spot, a tautog and caught the biggest spadefish of the day at 15".  Lockhart got to check off a first with a nice tog as well.  We tried for sheepshead but they just didn't want mole crabs that day.  Kev showed up a little later and found the spade sweet spot.  We had good numbers of low-medium size spades and dropped a few nicer ones.  
All in all, just gotta say, I'm thankful to have had an amazing time with family and friends.

Ragulsky's 15" Spadefish



  1. Your children are beautiful Rob.

  2. Nice Pics. Where is it? I know it is around CCBT. I like to bring my kids too. thanks


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