Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Impromptu Good JooJoo

Life insisted on kicking me while I was down the last month or so.  Work and family drama finally let up enough for me to take a quick impromptu trip to the James. 

After catching several of these on the fly...

... I stuck them on a carolina rig with 8/0 circles, dropped them in a deep hole and they found their way into the mouth of...

43" trophy flathead catfish

I still have a lot to take care of but hopefully I'll be able to get out again soon for a nice water therapy session.


  1. Caught one just like that a few weeks ago with my brother in the James. Congrats.

  2. Must be nice to have the knowledge and skill to just decide to go out and catch a trophy flathead on a whim!!! I've been trying for a 20-lb. carp for about 5 years; I've only gotten to 16 lbs. so far...


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