Sunday, December 7, 2014

Long Drift

3:15 AM, I-64 East
5:40 AM, I look up at the dark sky,
say thank you for the opportunity
and take my first paddle strokes out of Kiptopeke.

Jack Daughtry, Matt James, Ragulsky, and Tex met me shortly after sunrise to catch the incoming tide.  We put out two eels each and drifted 
and drifted...

and drifted...

After joining the fleet of other striper hunters, I was hoping to scope nets scooping big fish.  
Unfortunately, the only entertainment for the day turned out to be a couple of boaters threatening to beat each other up over the radio.

In slick calm conditions we drifted to Old Plantation Light then all the way back to Kiptopeke.
We marked a lot of bait, had pelicans diving around us nearly all day, then got rained on.  

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