Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Still Messin' Around on the River

While looking forward to getting back to the Chesapeake, the James River in hometown Richmond has kept me entertained.  Quick trips after work have yielded an abundance of hickory shad as well as some white perch, herring, and American Shad.  Reports of big catfish and some stripers have picked up as well.

American Shad.
Remember you are not allowed to possess herring or American Shad.

Jeff Lockhart and I hit the river after work on Monday.  It took a bit to find the fish but once we did it was hook up after hook up.  Shad flies as well as spoons produced many hits.  After the sun went down we put out chunks of hickory shad on 8/0 circles hooks.  It was slower than I was expecting but after a while, Jeff's kayak started dragging anchor as he went to work hauling in a good size fish.  An impressive set of splashes caught enough interest from me to pull my anchor up to see what it was.

Jeff crushed his previous personal best blue catfish with this fat 43"er.  

We stuck around a little longer, messed with smaller cats, and called it a good night in RVA.  The short drive back home left little time to plan the next trip, 
but we both agree...
The salt calls.


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