Thursday, February 18, 2016

2015 Recap and Compilation Video

I know.  It's almost March and I'm just now getting to look back on the last year.  That proverbial struggle is very real.  Unfortunately for the fishing side of my life, the trend will continue in 2016.  It was the least I had fished in many years, but 2015 still had some great moments.

I continued to fish many of my favorite locales but also tried several new areas, including a couple new spots on the Eastern Shore, the upper James, as well as the beautiful New River.

Checking off a new specie always makes the highlight reel, except when the cameras aren't rolling and the fish flops out before a proper shot.  None the less, I was stoked for my first bowfin at 23".  I had 4 follows on my first musky trip as well, which I will count as a successful endeavor.  The notoriously difficult VA kayak cobia was also checked off the list, twice.

Although I never promote the awards, it is still rewarding that this site won the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards Blog of the Year.  I somehow managed to place 3rd for Angler of the year and last year's compilation, Nothing But Love, won 3rd place Online Video of the Year.   I was very tempted to put up a gif of Ron Burgundy saying "I'm kind of a big deal.  People know me", but I'll just say thank you to the people who really follow along.  I really do appreciate it.

For 2016, I have one citation left to get Saltwater Master Angler and one citation left to get Freshwater Master Angler.  For saltwater, it has to be an accumulation of 25 trophies with only one specie per year counting toward the total.  For freshwater, it has to be 5 trophies of different species (flathead, bluecat, yellow perch, and gar so far).  Even though I have a lot on my plate this year as far as work, daddy life, and much more, I look forward to chasing these goals.  However, even more so, I can't wait to get back out on the water with my friends and family, perhaps make some new friends, and continue to keep the smiles coming...


  1. Great publication Rob , congratulations on a year of great catches , and my desire to excel 2016

  2. Awesome video. Looks like it was a great fishing season. I especially enjoyed the kids catch.

  3. Awesome video and lots of great fish. And great to see the kids having fun in the outdoors too. Keep up the great work.

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  5. Hi Rob as a new kayak-er your video inspire me for kayak fishing. I think it's a awesome and helpful vedio for all. thanks you for post this videofishing kayak;

  6. Great video and some very nice largies!!!! I like some of the angles and depth of field on some of the shots!!! Great job!!!


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