Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Revive and Release Big Reds (VIDEO)

The crew has been on the big red drum this fall at the CBBT.  Jay Brooks got a 47"er that won the red drum division of the 12th Annual TKAA charity tournament.  And of course Drum Jesus, Kayak Kevin, has been on 'em.  

We've noticed a disturbing trend though.  Many people haven't been reviving the fish correctly before releasing them.  They are old fish that are protected by law and deserve our respect so watch this video before going after them.  Let's do it right, homies.


  1. Impressive, is there a 100% chance of saving the fish??

  2. Worth watching that video! I also agree that it's important to know exact ways to revive a fish. We don't have any rights to kill a big fish due to our lacking of fish reviving skills. It's also crucial to have a best fishing kayak, while you're fishing. So, glad to watch this video and people will find this video very helpful.

  3. I see that you stick your hand in their gills. I have read that this is not good for fish survival. What do you think if they swim off but die later to trauma to their gills?

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