Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Unruly Snakehead

Tidal creek in Northern Virginia.  Lots of pads and vegetation.  Teckel frog or other fast paced surface lure that makes a good ruckus acts as a search bait.  If I get a reaction but no hook up, I'll run a smaller surface lure with buzzbait type feel to the same spot.  I like the Ragetail Rage Shad on a 5/0 Gamkatsu.  If I still don't get the bite, I'll switch to a hollowbody frog with a cupped face.  I leave it in the area where I got the first reaction and twitch.

Jeff Lockhart and I had a blast.  He caught 2 up to 30" off of fry and I lucked out with two without sight casting up to 29".

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