Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feelin' kinda crazy

Last Friday, I got off work and decided I needed to put some points up on KayakWars. From Richmond I got down to rudee around 9pm and slayed the bluefish on topwater. Had a ton of them with 12 making the cut for KW. Man that was fun. Spent the night at my parents. Then after paddling 10 miles for OpSmile Saturday morning, I booked it over to Rudee to find some more. I ended up with 8 from 2pm to 10ish. Got back to Richmond late that night to do the family thing all day Sunday. Tuesday after work I drove down to the HRBT and fished the light line with Specks and Justin from TKAA. We launched around 8pm and the blues were out in force. Specks and I maxed out our limit for KW and went looking for stripers. I caught up with Justin as he was catching one after another in the light line. I ended up with 6 but 2 of them were too short for KW. I finally got off the water by 3:15 and got home by 4:45. Slept for a couple of hours and off to work.

I figured I would get my time in while I can since it's mother's day weekend coming up and I know I won't be getting any kitchen passes.

Caffeine=my friend

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