Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can't Stop Thinking About Them Spades

I got a fever. 
And the only prescription
is more spadefish!

My last intense battle had me yearning for more.  So I got the OK from the greatest woman in the world (my wife) and drove on down to the magical land of Sheeps and Spades.

The wind was rough and the current didn't help.  But I found a few up to 12"~13" and one 23" sheepie.  I was hoping for bigger spades, but I guess I can't complain.... especially with the big sheepshead.

Released to bump uglies and make lots of baby sheepies.
I'm kind of pissed because I broke my favorite baitcasting rod (Shimano Cumara) on this smiley faced little spade. Not sure what happened, but I'm hoping Shimano honors the life time warranty
on it even though I don't have the receipt.

On a side note, I tested out a new YakAttack product.
 New Panfish Portrait with GoPro Hero.
I'll have a full review after I take it through the paces.

In the mean time here's a few screenshots.
I need to remember to wipe the lense off

And I'm hoping to get the GoPro HD soon so the picture would be clearer.

My quest for the big spades will continue.



  1. Hey Rob- you might try using rain-x on the lens cover so the water runs right off...might help

  2. Cool mount. I have the HD GoPro, but haven't tried taking pics with it yet. Just videos.

    I meant to tell ya on your last post about spades to try using jellyfish as bait. We cut up a cannonball jelly one day and with really small hooks, tore up the spades. We even watched a school of them devour a cannonball jelly in a few minutes!

  3. Hey Alex, are those the jellyfish that are hard and sometimes reddish in color? I saw some like that in NC but have yet to see them here in VA. How do you keep jellyfish on the hook?

  4. Seth, that's a great idea! Thanks!

    Alex, I heard about the jelly balls. I just didn't know what kind or how to get a hold of them. Also, like Justin said, I don't know how to keep them on the hook.

  5. Man, that looks like fun! I need to start fishing the salt.

  6. http://www.beachhunter.net/thingstoknow/jellyfish/

    The cannonballs are the second one down. I'm 99% sure those are the ones we used. They're really dense and actually kinda hard for a jelly fish.

    We cut the bell into cubes and pressed a hook into it. There wasn't much casting to be done, so we fly lined the cubes behind the boat. If you ever find one floating around, grab it and give it a try! Just remember not to touch your eyes/face without washing your hands.


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