Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Messin' with Kitties

Day before Superbowl Sunday.  
6:00 am.
James River.
Effin' cold.

I met up with Seth Goodrich of Bent Rod Chronicles at Deep Bottom boat ramp and quickly netted a few gizzard shad.  I enjoy proving to myself that I can castnet bait in the kayak if I have to, but I didn't waste too much time since my boss was kind enough to give me some of his left over bait from the day before.  Also, I was only allotted half a day of fishing, so time was of the essence.

The weekend started with great optimism but became quite the roller coaster ride.  The melancholy expression on my face in the above picture stuck around for the most of the trip as spot after spot produced very few fish.  The mood was finally broken when Seth hooked and landed his new personal best catfish at 30".

I managed a short one after that and we were back to simply "enjoying the day".  It wasn't too long before I got the call reminding me that I had to be back soon and fishing came to an end. 

But before the weekend was over, anticipation boiled and I got the thrill I was hoping for.  You see, that's a Giant's hat I'm wearing.  Having spent my childhood in NYC, I've been a fan of Big Blue all my life.  I'm one of those guys who screams at the t.v. during games, too.  So needless to say, my voice sounded a little hoarse on Monday morning and I had bruises on my palm from slamming the bar and giving strong high-fives. 

So congrats to Seth on his new personal best and congrats to the Superbowl Champion NY Giants!


  1. Had a great time Rob!Thanks for the invite. We'll have to hit the water again soon.

  2. Seth, although I might have painted the day a little boring, i really did enjoy your company. We'll definitely have to get out again.


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