Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Under the Bridge and Dreaming

We launched to down-right-sexy conditions.  The sun, barely over the horizon, peeked through a loose patchwork of clouds.  Air temps were perfect.  The wind was but a whisp and current crept at a snails pace.  Add the excellent water clarity and it was hard to imagine a more perfect scene.  It was as if the goddess of the sea was flirting with our senses... and easily stealing our hearts.

She let us peek 5-6 ft into her underworld and the things I saw made my jaw drop.  I've seen decent numbers of spades before, but this time, the size is what blew my mind.  Staring down through the refracting light and seeing the tight schools of massive, near citation spadefish almost felt like a surreal dream.  I couldn't get them to eat, but did end up picking a fight with some of the smaller ones.

Best of the day for me was a 15"er.

We hung around the rocks when the current picked up and quickly got into a good number of triggerfish.

Richie Bekolay with a nice 17.5" Trigger

We all know that the sea tends to be moody and that day was no different.  The good graces of the morning did not last long and by 2pm, she was on the verge of showing her nasty side.  We were slapped with a stiff head wind for the majority of trip back then thunder grumbled just as we got to shore.  We bid her adieu, but the spell she put on us will not be broken anytime soon.  We'll be back.


  1. Great write up! It was a picture-perfect morning! I can't wait to get out there again.

  2. Hope to get back out there again myself soon. Maybe better luck this time around hopefully.

  3. That last one that came unbuttoned looked like it gave you a good fight. Can't wait to experience that for myself.

  4. good report! thanks.


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