Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OBN photo prompt

The Outdoor Blogger Network had a photo prompt to post a picture of your favorite outdoor place. Well it's hard to pick a single place to be my favorite, but here's a picture of one of them. Without giving away the specifics of the place, this marsh is a favorite fishing hole for Redfish in Lynnhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA.


  1. Beautiful Picture! Beyond just fishing there, I could pull up a camp chair and kick it for hours just watching a lake like that.

  2. Amazing photo! Very, very nice work!


  3. Very nice. I used to work on Shore Drive @ Seashore St Park. Picture makes me miss home!

  4. Very cool Swamp Thing. I used to live down there myself. I kinda wish I still do so I wouldn't have to drive from Richmond all the time.


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