Monday, January 10, 2011

Smallest Fish Contest

A little while back, I was exploring the ever expanding world of kayak fishing on the internet and found YakAngler. They happened to be having a "Smallest fish photo contest" so I entered a few of my favorites from the inventory. After I entered them, I didn't realize I was suppose to get people to vote for them. Amazingly, I came in second anyway! Who's awesome?!?!

These were my entries

Tiny Black Sea Bass

Tiny Look Down

And my second place winner

Check out the other winners here.

Apparently I won a Diablo Paddlesports Prize Pack, Berkley Lures Pack and Yak Angler Sticker.
Woo hoo! Go me!


  1. what in the world? how do you win EVERYTHING?! you should have tried your hand at the mega million last week. it was at like 350 million or something ridiculous like that.

  2. What did you catch that stuff on? In a net I hope.

    Man, I wish I had taken pics of some of mine. I've caught tiny permit, blue runners, stripers, and cobia.

    What'd you win?

    I caught this one shad fishing this spring, unfortunately it was gut hooked.


  3. Some were caught on line and hook. Some in a cast net. Nice lil' striper!

  4. I stumbled across it and gave you a vote.

  5. Thanks Justin. Nice GIANT stripers!

  6. Thanks for the mirrolure:) its all tore up now. Bent hooks, scraped paint, and scared of striper.

  7. Don't worry Rob we'll be throwing another contest soon! I'm open for suggestions.

  8. Justin, I guess you can keep the lucky mirrolure since you helped get me this second place. I'll let you know what I end up getting.

    YakSushi, I'll be keeping a eye out for more contests. I'll also let you know if any cool ideas. At first I thought, "Best close up shot" of a fish or "Eye of the Beholder" (close up of a fish eye). I don't know...

  9. That sea bass is cool looking! Great pics!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  10. I like the best close up shots idea! You might have some stiff competition with Heywood, you can see some of his close ups in our gallery


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