Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Minute Trophy Trout

I wasn't planning on going, but I got invited to a screening of Kayak Kevin's new DVD which was on the way to the spot.  At the last minute, I figured that I might as well strap the kayak on the rack.  All my stuff was still in my car from the last trout trip, which made the decision even easier.

I left Kevin's party a little early and headed down to the southern branch of the Elizabeth.  I launched a little after 10pm to a breezy river with dramatically lower temps than last time.  The action wasn't quite as good as Tuesday night, but I still ended up with 4 fish.  Three on topwater and one on the jig.  I could of had 6 but I dropped 2 right at the boat.  18.5", 21.75", 19.5" and the release citation I was looking for at 24.5".

I was walking-the-dog in the light of the half moon when I saw it quietly suck the lure under.

Nice night, off the water at 1:30am.


  1. sounds like a song "walking the dog in the light of the moon".

  2. awesome. That is a great fish. Way to go!

  3. Tom, yeah, it kinda does sound like a song... :)

    Thanks guys!

  4. Congrats again Rob - it was kind of cool seeing you filling out the paperwork in person this afternoon and seeing the photos!! Well done!!

  5. As always, great work Rob! Whats the counts on citations this year?

  6. That is some great catch. Great pictures.
    Craig Ohio Outdoors
    Ablaze Home Improvement

  7. Sorry for the late reply. Seth, that's 7 citation sheepshead, 1 Red drum (+1 that was an inch shy), and 1 Speckled Trout (+1 that was 1/8" shy).

    Thanks again guys.


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