Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clown Car Toggin'

The new kayak got a proper CBBT hazing as I banged and scraped pilings from sun up to sun down.  During the 13 hours out on the water I dealt with a fast outgoing current, slow incoming, and another fast outgoing current, along with light winds at first then the big fan in the sky whipped white caps across the bay.  My search for citation specie number 3 took me to a wide range of different areas and depths along the bridge. 

It started off slow with only two little togs.  As the day progressed, more yakers showed up with a few having fair success.  When the wind picked up, everyone else decided to leave.  It stayed slow until I revisited one of the holes I tried earlier.  The tide had changed and I guess the togs crammed themselves into a tight spot.  If I missed getting the bait into the small 2'x2' hole, I got no hits.  But if my fiddler made it's way in there, it got hit immediately.  I pulled 8 togs out of that little hole in no time.

This one must have wedged himself in pretty tight.

10 total were tagged and released.  
18", 18", 17.5", 16", 15", 15", 14.5", 14", 14", 13".


  1. That's a good day of toggin'. That citation will be in your lap in no time!

  2. Love reading your posts Rob, but I have a question...how do you sit in a kayak for 13 hrs? Do you paddle in to take breaks? You must have good seat padding too, my a$$ is sore after 4 or 5 hrs on my Trident. Btw I'm looking forward to the post about how you rigged your new yak

    1. I have a Surf to Summit GTS seat and love it. I get a little sore, but it's not too bad. I was about 3 miles out so, no, I did not come back in then go back out. I did however take a pee break off the side of the yak :)

  3. Awesome "christening" day there Rob - nice range of sizes, too! The future of the tog is looking better and better!

  4. Wow sweet work, I will be after them this weekend keep
    the reports coming its great motivation.


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