Monday, April 22, 2013

Rigging the 2013 Ocean Kayak Trident 13 (with video)

This is basically a revisit of my last rigging post that I did two years ago (link).  It's been an evolution but somethings stayed the same.

The video is a little long with shaky camera work and weird nasally audio, but the info comes across.  Hope you find it helpful.

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  1. How do you store your excess anchor line? Yesterday I stored it on an extension cord reel. It worked, but it was kinda bulky & cumbersome to deal with. Any suggestions?

    1. I have one with 30' that I just keep loose. The 100' rope I wrap around the buoy.

  2. Hey Rob, Im about to buy my first kayak and I have kinda run into a dilemma. I really cant make up my mind on which kayak to buy. I live in south florida and plan to fish mangroves, flats and some offshore. Im 26 yrs old, 5'8 170 lbs and fit. Im currently torn between two kayaks. The ocean kayak trident 13 and the JK Cuda 12. Im was about to pull the trigger on the trident until I went to Bass Pro and saw it. IT LOOKS HUGE!! Im really scared it will be too big to control. I have read alot of reviews and they said its good for all the conditions I want it for. I think I got a pretty decent deal on ACK for it. ($1,150 for yak paddle and PFD. I sat in the Cuda and felt comfortable in it, but im scared it will be too short for offshore I want to do(when I say offshore I mean <2 miles). I was looking at the WS Ride 135 Angler & Tarpon 120 angler as well. The Cuda will be a little more pricey, but that just means I will have to wait a little more. Any suggestions? (I have been doing my research for well over a year lol) Please HELP!

    1. Hi Calongeezy,

      I'll start off by saying I'm sponsored by Ocean Kayak, so this may seem biased. But I also want to say that I wouldn't be sponsored by them if I didn't truly believe in the product. If I were to drop my sponsorship with them, I'd still be paddling my Trident because I love it that much. I've heard great things about the Cuda 12, and I know they market it as a "do all" boat, but I've seen first hand how that high-low seat, even on the low setting, can be too high for offshore applications. The Cuda (and most JKs) excel in freshwater and inshore areas where as the Trident was made for offshore water, but also does extremely well in fresh and inshore. The WS Ride and Tarpon are also quality boats and I have many friends who paddle them. Again, I have much respect for other companies/kayaks, but I think the Ride is going to be considerably slower and harder to maneuver because of the oversized pontoons on each side. The Tarpon120 will be very fast but much less stable, making it harder to stand in. I've seen guys stand in their Tarpons in super flat conditions, but the vast majority of guys I know who have them, don't stand in them. I'm 6' 170-175 and stand in my Trident no problem. I have full confidence paddling 3-5 miles offshore, plus the storage is amazing. Hope this helps.

    2. Hey,
      First of all thank you for the speedy reply. I am amazed how everywhere I have posted people have gotten back to me super fast. It speaks volumes about the community.So I went to the store and had someone take down an OK kayak from the rack with the exact same dimensions as the trident(The Torque). I Sat in it, and its not as bad as I imagined. I will be purchasing locally as I have the money on hand but someone stole my cc info recently after I made a withdrawal from a questionable ATM(It happens A LOT here in Miami). Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. With all the new awesome yak's out there it can get quite confusing to a newcomer.


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