Monday, October 28, 2013

Cold Weather Gear for Kayak Fishing

After the large number of requests, I was thinking of doing a post on cold weather gear.  But then Kayak Kevin put out a great video that made my life a little easier.  Here's what he uses, which I've adopted most of. 

I also utilize a full drysuit made by Kokatat in the coldest of months.  
And I prefer boots over sandals

Here's another video that tests the outerwear.


  1. At the very end of the video, kevin mentions non-synthetic layers. Is this a slip of the tongue, I thought he suggested non-cotton synthetics? I just want to make sure I get it right, I love kayaking to the Long Island sound in the winter, but any better understanding of how to keep warm would be appreciated

    1. He meant non-cotton. Good catch. I'll let him know. Thanks.

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  3. You wrote really well! I always carry portable or cabled weather stations for weather report while fishing in deep seas. It's safe.

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