Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recent Critters

After hearing from a friend that near trophy sized spot were being caught at Rudee, I made the 2 hour trip down to Virginia Beach.  I found decent numbers on the incoming tide, with the biggest going 10.5".   They were all short of the 13" or 1 pound citation requirement.  Also included in the mix were pinfish, pigfish, baby croaker, sand perch, small puffers, oystertoads, baby black seabass, 2 speckled trout (15" and 18"), a 6" black drum, and a 13" sheepsheadJust about every species likes bloodworms. 


If only it had been a tournament for most species in a day.

Baby Gag Grouper from a previous trip
Baby Cuttlefish from a previous trip


Side note:  I also caught an 18" speckled trout while trolling a 1/4oz jighead / 3" white grub on the way out to the entrance of the inlet.


  1. If I lived closer to the saltwater I am not sure I would fish in the fresh water again. So many cool things in the sea. Sweet pictures Rob, thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thanks, Daniel. If I lived closer, my wife would hate me ;)

  2. Love the puffer pic - the coloration on the eye is awesome. And I do hate you (for having more opportunities to fish than me :).....) Nice job Rob. Hope to hit it myself this weekend. Tight lines my friend!


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