Monday, October 14, 2013

Foul Weather Flatheads

My plans for the salt were thwarted by the incessant wind.
But it wasn't enough to keep me from getting my fix.  

After a few halfling smallmouths, I set up the Predator MX over a drop off and put out two live bluegills on 8/0 circle hooks; one under a float and one on a carolina rig.  It was nice not dragging a flowtroll since the Engel 19qt aerated livewell/cooler kept the dozen or so flathead confections lively and ready to go.  

As the light dimmed, the action turned on and after several kitties in the mid 20" range, I got what I was after.  My new small game spinning reel got a proper work out on a ~38" James River jelly belly.

Gotta love 10lb braid on a 2500 spinning reel.
It's nice having a productive sweetwater hole when my salt spots are blown out.  
But you know I can't wait to get back.

The togs are calling me.


  1. What no phone call? Just kidding - I hit the salt in the rain and battled out a few fish to cure my fix for a bit. Jonesing for some togs myself Rob - nice write up. Glad you like the new toys - looks like a great river yak for you!

    1. I figured you had your hands full :)
      Glad you got your fix too.
      And thanks!

  2. Hola Rob, impresionantes capturas, me gustaría saber tu opinón para pescar en el mar con este modelo de kayak,
    Un saludo desde España


    1. Gracias. Yo no tomaría este kayak lejos, ya que es el modelo MX. Hace girar fácilmente, por lo que es ideal para los ríos y cerca de la estructura.

  3. Nice! I am going to give those a try this winter.


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