Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blues on the James

I got the ok from the wife kinda late on Saturday. Luckily it was before my boss was off the water. He went looking for big blue catfish and I was hoping he'd have some left over bait. He ended up with several in the 20-30lb range and a couple in the 40s and one in the mid 50lb range. He was also gracious enough to keep some gizzard shad for me.

I got on the water just before dawn and as the sun was peeking up over my shoulder, I paddled a gorgeous river without a breathe of wind. I caught glimpses of bald eagles as I waited for my reel clickers to break the silence.

The action was steady in the morning, but the wind picked up significantly and made for tough paddling and positioning. I ended the day with 7 fish ranging from 23" to 35".

I was hoping for more, but it was still nice to get out and feel some drag pullage.


  1. Rob, are all three of your rods and reels the same in this picture? If so, must be one heck of a combo.

  2. Nah, they're not all the same. Two out of three reels are Shimano Cardiff 400s and one is a Shimano Corvalus 300. Two of the rods are Shimano Teremars and one is a Quantum something or other. The Teremar with the Cardiff is my favorite.

  3. ...favorite for catfishing anyway...

  4. Rob, GREAT stuff. That is a nice looking cat you have there and I LOVE, LOVE that first shot of the glassy smooth conditions. SWEET!!!

  5. Thanks guys. Capt, I wish it stayed that smooth.


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