Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OH, IT'S ON....

... like Donkey Kong...

I took my first HRBT trip of the year in the hopes of finding the ever-so-fun-to-catch striped bass. Taking the cue from Ric Burnley's report, I checked winds, temps and tides in preparation for this after work trip. I met KBF prostaff member Marty (PAHillbilly) around 8:15pm and launched to nice flat conditions. The current wasn't super fast, but we found the fish pretty quickly. They weren't stacked up thick by any means, but the ones we saw were very interested in what we had to offer. 4" paddle tails and yozuri crystal minnows were the fish-eye-candy flavors of the night. I ended up enticing over a dozen stripers, landing 7 or 8, dropping more than 5 at the boat. The biggest one I lost was around 24-25". I believe Marty landed 7 or so as well. Around 11:30 the tide slacked off so we called it a night.

It was good to see nice, fat, healthy fish
Hopefully this is the beginning of a great season.

I believe the all-star crew (Burnley, Kevin & Forrest) is heading out tonight. I'm sure you'll find a successful report from them soon.


  1. Man, I was sitting in class wishing I was out there. Who knows, maybe tonight!

  2. Go for it! You'll have good company.

  3. 2 on a hand tied clouser. Cant wait to get back out!

  4. ....and more points for KW....

  5. Nice work. I'm jealous. I won't be hitting any open water for at least a month. And can't legally hit any bass for *three* months.

    Maybe it's time to move. But I think that every year about this time.

  6. Good luck with that MNAngler. Sounds like a tough situation. I feel your pain.

  7. Nice FATTY there. You're KILLIN' me!!! We just cleared another 4 inches of that white crap :-(

  8. Sorry Capt.

    I gotta do what I gotta do.

    Hope it warms up soon for you.

  9. Hey, You are very lucky dude. The fish looks healthy..


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