Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First trip of 2011

I finally got out for the first fishing trip of 2011! The cabin fever had me feeling like Jack in The Shining. CRAZY! So, with an invitation from local fishing legend Forrest Short and it being the opening day of Kayak Wars, I was determined to get some pullage.

The air temps were in the mid to lower 40s with a little mist. It was nice night to paddle out and as I took my first few strokes I was glad it was dark so Forrest wouldn't see my gooberish grin. It was my first time out in over a month so all the feel-goods were flooding. As we were heading out I listened carefully as he shared valuable info about the area.

We got to the spot and realized we had some friends fishing on shore. Marty (PAHillbilly) and his friend Chris were getting into the striper already. Last I heard, Chris pulled in a 33"er. Anyway, Forrest and I started working our lures and eventually got into a few. I got one 21.75" striper and Forrest's final count was three with the biggest going 23"ish.

It was a tough night of fishing but it was still nice to get out. The highlight of the evening was a green VIMS tag in Forrest's first fish. I believe he can turn in the green tag and get $$$

The thing is, he ended up breaking his Tica rod last night as well. We're not really sure how it happened. He was messing with a 17"ish striper he just got in the yak and snap.

I guess that $$$$ will be going towards a new rod.

Good fishing with you Forrest and thanks for sharing your spot!


  1. Dude, its good to see that you got out and got on some. Sad to see that we are behind y'all on the first day of the tournament though!

  2. Thanks Billy. I'm sure you guys will be putting points up soon.

  3. Great STUFF!!! Glad to see some news of the stripers showing up even if they are still a few hundred miles away. Looks like you had some fun there

  4. Thanks Capt. Definitely good times. Hopefully ti won't be too long before it really gets going. Then you'll be getting some action up there!


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