Friday, July 29, 2011

After Hours Topwater Bassin'

I get a call at 4:50pm, right before quittin' time. 

"Dude, you wanna go fishing?"

It's Justin, a fellow diehard fish junkie... looking to get his midweek fix.  

Before we're off the phone, the drug of choice for the night is determined.

Topwater bass fishing.  


Second cast, 15.5"er
By the time we got on the dance floor it was almost 9pm.  
The paraphernalia for the night consisted of Zara Spook Jr.'s, Pop-R's, 
and various Rage Tail soft plastics. 

This pretty 20"er couldn't resist Justin's sexy noise maker

Bustin' out the ninja moves on another 15.5"er.

Tango with the twins... another 15.5"er.
Justin got some love from the fat ones, like this chubby 18"er

16.5"er.  No I'm not stoned, just high off the topwater action!
It was a great night on the water.  Even the youngin's came out to play.


  1. Nice largemouths....I'm a bit jealous.

  2. No fish are safe from you bro. It is great to see Justin show you how it is done for a change!

  3. @ Kiwi, thanks. I appreciate you checking out the blog.

    @ Billy, Haha! It's Justin's home turf. I couldn't just barge in there and show him up! ;)

  4. Nice fish guys!!! Totally to find me something like that close to Colonial Heights. Thanks for sharing Rob.

  5. Thanks Carl. I wish I could find something like that closer to home as well.

  6. Went to Pocahontas State Park last weekend out on the Trident13 and put in a couple--not dinks but not huge. The potential there seems high with all the cover and lily pads and such....just crowded and $5 a pop. But I will be back. Using this summer to build up my confidence on freshwater and to get a personal best on largemouth (something over 15"). Been trying to hook up with TomM and get out there but sched never mesh. Enjoy the reads--and hope to run into you out there. Take care.

  7. I've heard that there's some decent bass fishing at Pocahontas. Maybe I'll try it soon.


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