Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fishing with his Royal Brownness

For the rest of you brown people out there, please don't take offense to the title..  I love this guy almost like my brother.  We went to college (partied) together, and came up with a bunch of inside jokes and nicknames.  He happened to be the whitest brown guy I knew and I was the whitest Asian guy he knew.  People started calling me the Harold to his Kumar.  I'm not trying to get into any racial discussion, because I really don't care.  But every day I wake up, I think... "what can brown do for me?"

So my friend Dorian doesn't fish, doesn't kayak, doesn't really even like the outdoors.  But since we work together, he's heard my rants and raves about this whole kayak fishing thing.  And the other day, out of the blue, he bought a fishing license.  Dude wanted to go fishing with me, and like any good friend, I obliged.

After a quick kayak tutorial in my first kayak, we were off to one of my favorite catfish spots.  I set up two rods for him and two rods for me.  I was really hoping he'd get the bites and get to experience a good fight.  Unfortunately, only a few fish came out to play.   I had two decent upper 30" flatheads mess with my lines and a small channel cat on his...

Notice the nice watershoe tan...

His Royal Brownness doesn't like holding fish, yet.
It's a terrible picture, which he's going to hate, but I'm posting it up anyway.  Hopefully I'll be able to get him on some big ones soon.


  1. That picture will give him a reason to try again

  2. That last pic is hilarious. It's probably good you handled the catfish. A newbie getting stuck by their fin could hang up the rod for life.

  3. Catfish feel weird. I don't blame him the face. ;)


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