Thursday, May 26, 2011

Natalie's First Fish!!!

My wife and I decided that Wednesday evening family time was going to be spent at Forest Hill Park, which is conveniently right down the street.  I figured it was the perfect time to bust out the Princess rod I got Natalie for Christmas.  She's been messin' with it in the house, but definitely needed to be taken to the water. 

Even though I did all the casting and hook setting, I was proud that she held the rod and cranked when she realized there was a fish on the other end.  When I passed the rod to her after the hook up, she was obviously excited to the feel the fighting fish and reeled it in all by herself.  It was awesome. 

Green Sunfish (I think)

The magic twinkled in her two and a half year old eyes and as I smiled, I hoped this would be the beginning of many, many more in years to come.  I prayed that she would keep interest, and even cultivate a love for it as she gets older.  And as I looked over at Miles, sitting, smiling, and watching birdies in mommy's lap, I knew anticipation will inevitably bring his turn.  But I tell you what, there's something amazingly special about fishing with my baby girl.


  1. AWESOME!! That must of been a proud moment for you! Thanks for sharing

  2. Awesome! Her first fish is the most beautiful freshwater fish in the whole state. (in my opinion)

  3. Rob,
    Thanks for sharing. You will never forget these moments. Cherish them and foster them. I remember my daughter's first fish at around the same age---a black crappie---what a moment. She is 6 now and I hope to continue her interest in fishing; especially now that Daddy is a yak fisherman!! Thanks for jogging that memory!! Take care.

  4. Now that what I call making a bond that will last a lifetime. Something she will remember for the rest of her life. NIce Pics.

  5. Hey, awesome looking blog! I just stumbled across it this evening. Always nice to find other kayak fishing bloggers.

    Keep up the good reports/stories!

  6. I'm a little late but...Excellent post! I remember my little girl catching her first blue gill a couple of years ago and now she's five. Thinking of that day seems better than remembering just about any other fish I have ever caught. The bonus is that you are creating memories that should last a lifetime.

  7. Awesome! Brainwash her young ;) Beautiful fish to boot! Cheers, and great blog!

  8. awesome, I can't wait untill my son gets a little older so I can take him fishing!


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